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Make a difference towards the world's toughest challenges!

What our community is saying

I really enjoyed different perspectives from people all over the world. I really liked that dynamic. I really appreciate how generous people are of their time and resources, and how supportive our community is.
Dawn Peterson
United States
It's a great opportunity to creatively learn applied and theoretical design thinking!
Terrence Johnson
United States
I’m thankful to have been a part of Design for Impact and its Coaching Clinics.

It has allowed me to dedicate time each week in learning Systems Thinking from the basics with the participation of an engrossed team of thinkers from around the globe.
Bhooshan Pandya
I have been leveraging the Design for Impact community to continue learning experience/service design practices. Our exercises are output focused, and collaboration is productive and enjoyable.

What I appreciate most is the various points of view I have access to from a group of designers with diverse backgrounds and expertise from around the globe.
Kyle Godbey
United States
Design for Impact has helped give me the knowledge and skills I needed to enter a career in Design. Abram is an excellent instructor and has taught me the fundamentals of UX design and research.

The program attracts people from diverse cultural, educational, and employment backgrounds. I have enjoyed collaborating to work through a UX design problem from beginning to end as a team.
Hannah Willoughby
C3 Human Factors Consulting

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